The Cathedral in the Square

There is now a project to reinstate the iconic Anglican Cathedral, one of New Zealand’s most significant heritage buildings, so that it can once again become a place of worship and community activities.

Opportunity for all of us

We now have a unique opportunity to reinstate the Anglican Cathedral, built for the Glory of God and for all people, at the heart of our city – for us and for future generations.

During the February 2011 Canterbury earthquake, in which 185 people died, and many people lost their homes and businesses, the tower of Christ Church Cathedral toppled, damaging the main building. There is now a project to reinstate this iconic building.

The reinstated Cathedral will be a place where all can gather and be at home.

It will host friends, strangers, neighbours, tourists and visitors to our city. As the Cathedral comes back to life, it will become a symbol of hope and confidence restored.

For full details of the project please visit or click HERE.