The Friends of the Cathedral

People from all places and walks of life constitute the Friends of ChristChurch Cathedral.   Friends are often people from far away, who are unable to attend Cathedral worship, but nevertheless have an affinity with the Cathedral.

Their interest and support is in both the old Cathedral as a great spiritual, historical and architectural treasure, and the Transitional Cathedral as a modern iconic and inspirational place of worship, pilgrimage and community.

The Friends of the Cathedral supports the ministry of the Cathedral.  It is not a fundraising body for the re-instatement of the old Cathedral.  A separate charitable entity is being established in 2018 for that purpose.

We warmly invite you to join us on the exciting journey of belonging to one of New Zealand’s most valued icons as together we ensure the Cathedral’s ongoing life for future generations.

You can download the Friends Brochure.  This will give you more information.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Your support, as a Friend of the Cathedral, will ensure that this Cathedral continues to offer a range of regular worship opportunities, choral music of the highest quality and to be a place of pilgrimage for the over 300,000 who visit here annually.  Members will receive updates from the Cathedral and invitations to Cathedral events.

To join the Friends of the Cathedral, click HERE.