The Cathedral Choir Society

The Choir Society was established in 1982 and is a network of subscribers, both individual and corporate which support and promote the Cathedral Choir. The Society has four principal objectives::

  • To support the Director of Music and the music team.
  • To promote the choir and broaden the attractiveness of the society’s social and financial goals to the Cathedral Regulars and former Choristers.
  • To develop a social and support programme for the choir and choir families, to encourage choir parents to initiate social events amongst themselves, and to invite parents onto the committee.
  • To preserve the archival material and heritage of the choir.

Since the choir was established in 1881 there have been nearly 800 choirboys, all educated at the Cathedral Grammar School. Of this number, close to 400 are still living. We also have 55 contact details for ex Choir Men. From 2020 the Girl Choristers have been welcomed and the Society looks forward to supporting their activities.  For a comprehensive history of the Choir, please refer to Peter Simpson’s book, Singing to God, available from the Cathedral Shop.

Membership is open to all those who wish to support the Choir and is not restricted to those who have been members.

There is a small annual membership or a life membership can be paid.  Please click HERE for details.

To contact the Choir Society, please click below: