Planning your visit to the Transitional Cathedral

Guided Tours of the Cathedral

The Transitional Cathedral welcomes your visit, and we love to make visitors welcome. To ensure that visitors to the Cathedral appreciate the building, its meaning and history, the Transitional Cathedral is introducing a new way of sharing our story to offer you a much improved visitor experience.  This is because both the building and story of the Cathedral is understood much better if it is explained. Visitors will be asked to join a tour of the Transitional Cathedral offered by one of our friendly guides, who will be able to answer your questions. Tours will be brief, around 15 minutes in duration, and visitors will be asked to pay $5.00 for this.  You will also receive a free gift and the chance to take as many photos as they like! Children and school students under twelve are invited in for free. We are doing this because we fear that visitors will miss out on the story of this building, and also to ensure that the Cathedral can remain financially viable. There will be no charge for children or school students to take a tour.

The Guided Tours policy in a nutshell

What if I’ve come to  pray?
First and foremost the Cathedral is a house of prayer and worship. People wanting to come in and spend time in prayer and contemplation are welcome to do so without joining a tour. Please let our friendly guides know that wish to drop in to pray or to light a candle.

What hours will the tours operate?
Monday - Saturday: 9.00am - 11.30am and 1.00pm - close
The Cathedral will be ‘open to all’ on Sundays.

What if I do not want to pay?
Visitors will still have access to the Cathedral garden and grounds and can explore and take photographs of the Cathedral from outside, and everyone is welcome to join us for one of our services of worship (see below).
There is unimpeded access to the Cathedral foyer and shop.

What about Service Times?
The Cathedral will be open for everyone to enter for services; this includes all Sunday and mid-week services.
The Cathedral will be ‘open to all’ on Sundays.

What about people in tour groups?
The Cathedral is happy to speak with any tour operators about setting up group voucher systems, so that the individual group members are not inconvenienced by additional separate charges. Please contact the Cathedral Administrator.

Why is this happening?
It costs many thousands of dollars to keep the Cathedral doors open every day for visitors. Unfortunately the level of Cathedral donations does not cover the cost of this. Following serious, and long-standing discussions, the Transitional Cathedral has decided to make this change in its usual operations to enable Cathedral to continue to be a sign of hope and a house of prayer in our beautiful and recovering City of Christchurch.