The Cathedral Chapter

The Cathedral Chapter consists of four clerical canons appointed by the Diocese of Christchurch and four lay canons, two of whom are appointed by the Diocese and two from the regular worshipping congregation of the Cathedral.  Ex-officio members of the Chapter are The Bishop, The Dean and the Diocesan Chancellor.  The current Chapter members are:

BISHOP OF CHRISTCHURCH                                                                                             

Lawrence Kimberley   B.Com., B.Th., Dip Liturgical Studies, A.C.A.(Retired), I.O.D

CLERICAL CANONS                                                                                                              
Mark Chamberlain  M.Min, B.Th.,  B.E.
Amanda Neil, JP, Dip. Tch., B. Theol.                                                                                  
Helen Roud   B.Th., M.Heal.Sc.
Ben Truman   B.A., B.Theol., PG.Dip.Arts, Grad.Dip.Tchg, Dip.Grad., Ang.Stud.Dip  

LAY CANONS                                                                                                                          
Rosemary Allison L.T.C.L., Dip.Tchg
Anthony Hughes-Johnson   QC
Carole Muir M.HSc., B.Ms., ANNP. SCM. SRN                                                                  
Malcolm Rickerby  

DIOCESAN CHANCELLOR                                                                                                  
Jeremy Johnson B.A., LL.B.(Hons), LL.M.   

CHAPTER SECRETARY                                                                                                        
Christopher Oldham   B.A., M.Sc., M.N.Z.I.M.